Tuesday, June 3, 2014

making time


as mentioned previously, i'm making an extra effort these days to use my time wisely in which to make this time last forever.  but i've found it so difficult to accomplish anything of the like during the day.

our days pass by so quickly and i really couldn't tell you what we've done.  i just spend time with hank.  even when he's sleeping, i guess i'm just watching him.  i love every minute of it and have yet to get bored or wish to be doing anything more.

i have to make a concerted effort to just start moving and doing something productive that takes us a step forward in my goal.

today has been good so far- i wouldn't be able to do it without this wrap.

i guess it's the 'new mom' in me, but i find it hard to just let hank be.  i want him to have my company if he's not being entertained somehow- which as of right now is only provided by the activity gym which only lasts so long.

but i've managed a few things while cuddled like this today and it works.  here's to getting a lot more accomplished.

**also, is it common for babies to sleep with their mouths open?  i know that i do and i can't help but feel guilty that i've passed this on to my son.  at least now, he looks a lot cuter than i do while snoozing.

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