Monday, November 3, 2014

catch up

november is off to a good start.

LA has finally cooled down.  it get's darker quicker for more cozy nights.  and 'falling back' didn't affect hank's wake up time this morning.

this cake fell right in with the mood.  a recipe i had laying around and apples that needed to be used.  serendipitous.

hoping the rest of november follows suit.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

following suit

i've seen this 'to do list' on a few other blogs and since i'm at a pause for what to write, i'll follow suit.

wanting | a new wardrobe once i get back to my old self.
needing | a trip home- that we're boarding a plane for on monday.
wearing | these pants (in a 3 color rotation) since the night i went into labor.
listening | to outlaw radio on pandora, always.
reading | i just finished the fault in our stars and need another quick read which i hope to fulfill in the aiport book store
traveling | to maryland! 
eating | clean.  trying to at least.
wishing | that i'd win the lottery.
planning | my next move.
playing | in hanky's 'gym'- we're working on tummy time to build up his t-rex arms.
drinking | green juices.  smoothies.  iced coffee.  and trying to remember the water.
trying | to manage my time better.  or make the most of my down time.
feeling | desperate to figure out the next move.
working | on the aforementioned 'next move'.
learning | to slow down and appreciate the slowness. 
practicing | motivating quicker.
mastering | i'm not sure yet.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

making time


as mentioned previously, i'm making an extra effort these days to use my time wisely in which to make this time last forever.  but i've found it so difficult to accomplish anything of the like during the day.

our days pass by so quickly and i really couldn't tell you what we've done.  i just spend time with hank.  even when he's sleeping, i guess i'm just watching him.  i love every minute of it and have yet to get bored or wish to be doing anything more.

i have to make a concerted effort to just start moving and doing something productive that takes us a step forward in my goal.

today has been good so far- i wouldn't be able to do it without this wrap.

i guess it's the 'new mom' in me, but i find it hard to just let hank be.  i want him to have my company if he's not being entertained somehow- which as of right now is only provided by the activity gym which only lasts so long.

but i've managed a few things while cuddled like this today and it works.  here's to getting a lot more accomplished.

**also, is it common for babies to sleep with their mouths open?  i know that i do and i can't help but feel guilty that i've passed this on to my son.  at least now, he looks a lot cuter than i do while snoozing.

Monday, June 2, 2014

indigo baby

Georgia O'Keeffe - Starlight Night, 1917

every day is spent trying to think of ways that i can be paid to be a mom to this little hank.  i keep thinking some genius idea is just going to hit me, but as time keeps ticking i'm thinking i just have to start moving.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

52 photo dump

17/52:  when we sit you up, you really look like a grown little boy.

18/52:  you never seem to mind your dog brothers and the licks they smother you with.

19/52:  i try to keep auntie updated during the day but we have to make sure you're in some sort of coordinating get up.  this day was a second attempt- frog blanket matching the couch you're laying on- we do what we can.

20/52:  first day at the beach.  actually, this may have been your second.  you always snooze the whole time- the perfect beach buddy.  

21/52:  we're just starting to get outfits together.  sometimes we can even manage coordinating the binky.

22/52:  first trip to disneyland.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

13, 14,15,16/52

henry lee is here!  he's the best little hank around and we're loving every minute with him.

13/52-  the day we brought you home- outfitted in a crab onesie representing your mom and dads home state.

14/52- even angry hank is still enjoyable to be around.

15/52- you love bath time- it's sure to soothe any meltdown you're having.

16/52- we don't do too many outfits because we can't seem to keep them clean for very long, but when you are suited up, you're pretty darn sweet.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


12/52: week 40- well mm, your due date came and went and now we're playing the waiting game.   certainly not the most flattering photo, but our days are spent a lot like this- just resting and waiting for you.