Sunday, June 1, 2014

52 photo dump

17/52:  when we sit you up, you really look like a grown little boy.

18/52:  you never seem to mind your dog brothers and the licks they smother you with.

19/52:  i try to keep auntie updated during the day but we have to make sure you're in some sort of coordinating get up.  this day was a second attempt- frog blanket matching the couch you're laying on- we do what we can.

20/52:  first day at the beach.  actually, this may have been your second.  you always snooze the whole time- the perfect beach buddy.  

21/52:  we're just starting to get outfits together.  sometimes we can even manage coordinating the binky.

22/52:  first trip to disneyland.

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