Wednesday, June 11, 2014

following suit

i've seen this 'to do list' on a few other blogs and since i'm at a pause for what to write, i'll follow suit.

wanting | a new wardrobe once i get back to my old self.
needing | a trip home- that we're boarding a plane for on monday.
wearing | these pants (in a 3 color rotation) since the night i went into labor.
listening | to outlaw radio on pandora, always.
reading | i just finished the fault in our stars and need another quick read which i hope to fulfill in the aiport book store
traveling | to maryland! 
eating | clean.  trying to at least.
wishing | that i'd win the lottery.
planning | my next move.
playing | in hanky's 'gym'- we're working on tummy time to build up his t-rex arms.
drinking | green juices.  smoothies.  iced coffee.  and trying to remember the water.
trying | to manage my time better.  or make the most of my down time.
feeling | desperate to figure out the next move.
working | on the aforementioned 'next move'.
learning | to slow down and appreciate the slowness. 
practicing | motivating quicker.
mastering | i'm not sure yet.

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