Monday, February 3, 2014

to do list

there's so much i want to accomplish before the mm gets here.  both for the sake of getting it done before my free time is a tad more occupied and because they're all mm related.

i always knit a tiny sweater for friends having babies.  i have yet to think of the perfect idea for the mini.

a dream catcher just seems like a must hanging in a baby nook.

we took a class a couple weeks ago with jo from kkibo and made plant hangers.  i want to expand on the basics learned and make a wall hanging or some kind of knotted something.

hopefully not too ambitious, but i hope to make mm a quilt while learning to do so at the same time.  i've been wanting to learn for a few years now and it's definitely something i need to try while i have time on my side.

weaving.  i'm in the middle/almost finished with my first weaving.  i didn't have a purpose in mind when starting, but my second go around will hopefully be baby centric.

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